Project: Community House and First Aid Station

Project: Community House and First Aid Station

In Africa, single mothers are often stigmatised and get hardly any support. With the community house project we want to create an environment where young mothers can establish social contacts, where they can get help and where their creativity is promoted.

It will be a place where not only information is exchanged, but where they can also engage in physical activities such as dancing lessons, do sports together, draw and knit. These activities are offered to give the women more self-confidence.

We want to give women the opportunity to borrow books and to stay informed. For this purpose, we will set up a small library and provide internet access. More knowledge and education will ease the way to social integration.

The community house will also serve as a shelter for abused women and children and be able to provide first aid.

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We want to provide children with the opportunity for education and give them a safe future.